Field and Batting Cage Reservations

Updated Wednesday July 24, 2019 by Bill Phipps.

Please use the links below to navigate to the appropriate DIBs or SignUpGenius page to reserve field time and/or batting cage time for practice.

Please remember:

  • Do not schedule any more than one practice slot per week for each team. Violators could have their additional practice slot cancelled without notice.
  • If games need to be rescheduled they will take precedence over your practice time which would mean that your practice slot would be cancelled. Always double-check the online game schedules - we may reschedule a game and inadvertently neglect to inform you that your practice time has been cancelled.
  • Please stay on your age-appropriate fields (Babe Ruth stay on Field 1, Majors on Field 2 or 7, etc.)
  • If you need to move a portable mound FROM a field, please put it back!
  • Unless someone is waiting to use the field after you, PLEASE pull the bases and fill in holes at the end of your practice.
  • Batting Cage slots are 45 minutes.

DIBs for Field Reservations


Batting Cages (work-in-progress)